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Pump system repair works

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Pump system repair works

Water pump shall become faulty due to the following reasons

  • -> Dry run (pump run without incoming water)
  • -> Continuous pump running due to other components failure (say check valve failure)
  • -> Air lock in the pump
  • -> Too much vibration due to improper pump securing
  • -> Improper usage of the pump
  • -> Blockage in the outgoing / supply line
  • Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have highly competent team to assess the root cause for the pump faulty and advise the client with the exact corrective actions to be made.

    Some of the services / repair works by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd are as follows

    Pump overhaul: Different pumps have different procedures to open, service, and reinstall. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have ample of experience in most of the brands and model pump overhauling. Overhauling of pump involves in collection of the pump from the client place, bring to our workshop, open the pump parts, and assess the condition of the parts to give the quote to the client. We have most of the model / brand spare parts in stock

    Mechanical seal replacement: Mechanical seal in pumps serves as a check valve by preventing the water under pressure leaking out of the pump and by preventing the air entering the pump and thereby causing the air lock in the pump. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have original brand mechanical seals in stock for various brands / model pumps to prevent the water leaking from the pump with immediate effect upon activation

    Bearing replacement: Normally the client complaint will be “My pump is noisy”. That means most of the cases the bearing is faulty which need replacement. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have many brand / model bearing in stock which makes us better than our competitors. In most of the cases if the bearing is faulty and while replacement of the bearing the mechanical seal may be damaged. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd know this fact well due to our decades of experience and will advise the client on the actual service to be made. In some case changing the bearing and mechanical seal cost shall be almost 50% of the new pump price and it is advisable to the client to change the pump itself instead of changing the parts. Please contact us for getting a obligation free quote

    Coil rewinding: When the water enters the coil area or when the pump runs non-stop due to some mechanical faults, it will burn or spoil the coil which makes the pump / motor failure. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall do the coil rewinding works for all types motors with the required accuracy for proper functioning of the pump

    Warranty given by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for the pump repair works

    Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd assures our clients that all the spare parts we use are genuine spare parts supplied by globally recognized manufacturers. So we give six months warranty (depends on the repair works) against the products changed and / or installed by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd in our client premises

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