Liquid and water leak sensor installation

Components involved in liquid and water leak sensors

Our Liquid and water leak sensors system involved in installation of the

  • water leak sensor fixed at the water or other fluid leaking zone
  • Alarm indicator in the panel to indicate the location of the leak
  • Silencer in the panel to deactivate the alarm
  • Normally Open Solenoid valve fixed to the inlet pipe to cut-off when a water or fluid leak detected by the sensor

In order to do the installation our liquid and water leak sensors system, we need the client to provide us with the following

  • 230V supply nearby the location where we need to place the solenoid valve
  • A visible location for installing the ABS box with indicator lights and buzzer

Our installation comes with the alarm buzzer and individual indicator lights for each leak sensor in a waterproof ABS box.

The main areas where we install the liquid and water leak sensors system are (but not limited to)

  • Various fluid / water pipe lines
  • Air conditioner ducts
  • Underneath the wash basin
  • And any other area susceptible to water / fluid leak

The number of units installed varies from two numbers to ten numbers based on the number of expected water leak zone within the client premises.

The service includes physical alarm. When there is a leak detected, automatically the solenoid valve associated with the leak system will shut down. The buzzer will continue alarm until the silencer button pressed physically. This buzzer alarm silence option is to prevent the noise complaint from the nearby premises.

This service in being most popular among the data processing centers, public buildings such as shopping complex, commercial premises such as offices, laboratories, clean rooms.

As day by day the importance of the documents and the stocked materials becomes important the water / fluid leak sensor system is now vastly used in many premises particularly in the office rooms.

Any warranty for this liquid and water leak sensors system?

Yes, we give one year warranty against the water leak detector system and its components subject to terms and conditions.

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