Tank Compliance Requirements

Potable tank compliance requirements

As per PUB code of practice for potable water tank, the following are to be verified in a tank prior to commence the cleaning works in the tank

The access door needs to be either locked or there shall be a card access system
The tank compartment covers to be locked and there shall be contour on top of the tank cover which fits the profile of the tank cover
The contour shall be fixed in the tank using the contour nuts
Both the contour and the nuts shall be made of stainless steel
Both the access locks and the tank cover locks to be of PUB approved non-duplicable type
The electrode rod holder (if any) in the tank shall be secured to the tank body
The overflow pipe and the warning pipe shall be having the netting as approved by PUB
There shall be sampling tap in the tank (each compartment) body and in between the tank and drain valve
All the sampling taps shall be locked at all times
There shall be air vent for each compartment
There shall be no leaks or cracks in the water tank

Service provided by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have licensed plumbers whom can verify the tank in-line with the PUB guidelines and advise the clients on the corrective actions to be made. All the parts mentioned above are in stock with Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd and ready to serve to the clients

Warranty given by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for the tank repair works

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd assures our clients that all the spare parts we use are genuine spare parts supplied by globally recognized manufacturers. So we give one year warranty for the tank parts installed by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd in our client premises

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