Pressure Vessel Replacement

Purpose of pressure vessel (tank)

The main purpose of pressure vessel (tank) is to maintain the constant pressure of the water in the supply pipe line into a domestic and industrial building. It also helps to prevent the pump running more frequently by avoiding the activation of pressure switch, by supplying the water stored in itself. So pressure vessel (tank) can also be called as reservoir vessel (tank) as it acts as reservoir of water.

How to maintain the pressure vessel (tank)?

Any pressure vessel to be regularly (say quarterly) shall be checked for pressure level to ensure the air pressure is sufficient to regulate the pumping system.

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd have its own technical team with ample of experience in checking the condition of the pressure vessel (tank) and the diaphragm inside the pressure vessel (tank). Our quarterly maintenance includes the checking of the pressure vessel (tank) for its proper functionality.

Which pumping system have pressure vessel (tank)?

Unless otherwise specifically designed by M & E Consultant, the pressure vessel (tank) shall be included in the following pumping systems

  • Booster pump system
  • Transfer booster pump system
  • Hosereel pump system
  • Irrigation booster pumps
  • Chiller plants for air conditioners

What are the various sizes of pressure vessel (tank) available?

Start for 8 liter until 3000 liter are commonly available pressure vessel (tank) sizes in the Singapore market. It is also available in both horizontal and vertical model.

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall design the pressure vessel (tank) based on the consumption of water level by the client. Our technical experts shall advise the clients on the correct size of the pressure vessel (tank) required for their premises.

Symptoms of failure or malfunctioning pressure vessel (tank)?

The pressure vessel (tank) shall be considered failed if any one or more of the following symptoms are observed

  • The ON / OFF cycle of pump is too frequent
  • Rubber particles found in the water (diaphragm material)
  • Inconsistent pressure of water supply

The technical team of Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall verify the condition of the pressure vessel (tank) in the client premises and advise the client on the actions to be taken to fix the issue. The corrective actions may be changing the diaphragm of the of the pressure vessel (tank) or changing the whole pressure vessel (tank) depends on the damage identified.

Note: That failure to maintain the pressure vessel (tank) shall lead to the faster wear and tear of the pumps installed.

Any warranty given by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for the changed parts?

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd assures our clients that all the spare parts we use are genuine spare parts supplied by globally recognized manufacturers. So we give one year warranty against the products changed and / or installed by Waves Fluid Engineering in our client premises (subject to terms and conditions).

Need a quote from Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for replacement / inspection of pressure vessel (tank)?

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