Maintenance of Drains in Preparation for Northeast Monsoon

Maintenance of drains and inspection chambers
(in preparation for northeast monsoon)

This service is required for Developer/Owner/Managing Agent/MCST/Town Council with either one or combination the following installation(s) shall need this maintenance service.

  • Pumped drainage system (Rain Water Sump Pump systems)
  • Stormwater detention system / tanks (including tank, control panel, pumps and pit)
  • Stormwater retention system / tanks (including tank, control panel, pumps and pit)
  • Flood barriers

The other name of this service is Post Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Declaration on Storm Water Drainage System

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd works closely with the qualified person (approved by PUB) to inspect the above said systems in the client premises and submit the annual declaration form to PUB via online portal

In order for the QP to submit the declaration form to PUB theDeveloper / Owner / Managing Agent / MCST / Town Councilshall provide the following details

  • 1. Applicant’s address:
  • 2. Telephone numbers
  • 3. Email address
  • 4. Development / building details showing the following
    • a. BCA TOP date
    • b. Project reference number
    • c. Drainage Catchment (Refer to the PDF file to identify the correct catchment area)

Purpose of drain maintenance

In order to avoid flooding in the building premises and in the public roads, PUB initiated the preventive maintenance of drains on yearly basis. The scope involves cleaning of the drains and vertical drain gratings within the premises of any building to ensure the drainage network is clean and free-flowing. MCST / building owners and their Management Agents shall understand the importance of maintaining the functionality of their storm water drainage system within their estate and to arrange contractors to clean / maintain / service the drain systems

How Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd can serve to our clients?

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall arrange our cleaning / technical team to clean and to service all the pumped drainage system (Rain Water Sump Pump systems), stormwater detention system / tanks, stormwater retention system / tanks, flood barriers (including leak test for flood barriers). Upon successful completion of the cleaning and corrective actions to all the systems Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall arrange our Qualified Person to inspect the drain systems. After inspection and verifying the functionality of the whole drain system, the Qualified Person shall submit the successful completion of the maintenance of drains to PUB through online portal. PUB shall sent a response / approval via email or fax number within 7 working days after the submission

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