Ejector Pump System

Purpose of this ejector pump system

In Singapore potable used water from the toilets / hand wash stations (need to be collected and pumped to the nearby IC (Inspection Chamber). So we use ejector pumps to pump the grey water. In some cases, the waste water generated by any industrial / commercial premises and shopping complex may contains solid wastes, oil, fat, grease and other semi solid water materials which need to be filtered separately prior to discharged into the ejector pit.

Who needs this ejector pump system?

The following buildings shall have ejector pump installed within their premises

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Shopping complexes
  • Offices in high rise building
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Types of ejector pump system

Sewage waste pump

This is called as ejector pump which is capable of pump the mix of water and human waste from the ejector pit to nearby Inspection chamber (normally in level 1 of the building). These sewage waste pumps have two major classifications namely dry pit ejector pump and wet pit ejector pump.

Components involved in this ejector pump system

The ejector pump system involved the following components

  • Two waste water pumps installed for pumping out the waste water collected at the
         primary ejector pit and one more pump fitted with the overflow
         ejector pit based on the design of the consultants
  • A primary ejector pit of big size and an overflow ejector pit of small size.
         The purpose of overflow ejector pit is to contain and pump the
         waste water in case of overflow from the primary size ejector pit
  • Control panel to control the operations of ejector pumps
  • LED light indicators to indicate the operations of various ejector pumps
         and to verify the functionality of various parts / components in the ejector pump system
  • Five to seven numbers of normally open float switches to
         activate the pumps to ensure the waste water in the ejector
         pit is regularly pumped out to the public drain and to avoid overflow of the ejector
         tank and thereby causing flooding into the building premises

Hand wash station pump

In high rise commercial buildings there will be a pantry installed with water tap point. But most of the commercial office buildings don’t have waste water pipeline to collect the water waste and pump to the nearby toilet. In order to collect the water used in the pantry and to pump to the nearby toilet pipeline, we use the solo-lift pump which is also known as hand wash station pump, portable toilet pump, pantry pump and wash basin pump. This solo lift pump has two types to suit the client needs. Please contact us to understand more about the suitable model solo lift pump to your office pantry

Services by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd to our client ejector pump system

The field technical team in Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall perform the following in our client premises

  • Install the ejector pump system according to consultants drawing
  • Repair the ejector pump system installed in our client premises
  • Service the ejector pump system installed in our client premises
  • Maintain the ejector pump system installed in our client premises

Brands we carry

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd carries various brands and keeps them ex-stock for avoiding delays in the delivery. Some of the brands we carry are Wilo, Tsurumi, Grundfos, Vossche and many others

Warranty given by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for ejector pump system

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd assures our clients that all the spare parts we use are genuine spare parts supplied by globally recognized manufacturers. So we give one year warranty against the products changed and / or installed by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd in our client premises

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