Ball Float Valve Replacement

Ball float valve replacement

Ball float valves are usually fitted in the tank internal surface of the tank and serves to stop the incoming water supply upon reaching the required water level in tank. Usually ball float valve failure shall be identified by the tank overflowing and the water drained out of the warning pipe / overflow pipe.

Types of ball float valve

Ball float valve ranges from on to six inch size and normally with the same size as the incoming pipeline. It can be purchased readymade or can be fabricated based on the specific requirement. There are three variables to be noted in any ball float valve replacement works and they are

  • Flange size
  • Rod length
  • Ball size

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall send our technically competent team to identify the required ball float valve with all other parameters and replace / service the ball float valve based on the damage identified.

Servicing of ball float valve

Normally ball float valve servicing can be done but there is no guarantee shall be given that the overflow will be permanently stopped. For this reason only most of the times, it is advisable to replace the ball float valve as a new set.

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd keeps stock of all the sizes of the ball float valve from reputed brands for immediate replacement

Warranty given by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd for the tank repair works

Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd assures our clients that all the spare parts we use are genuine spare parts supplied by globally recognized manufacturers. So we give one year warranty for the replaced ball float valve installed by Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd in our client premises

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