Water consumption in general buildings shall need to be monitored by water meter. According to Singapore regulations any facilities using water need to be fitted with a water meter for monthly billing purposes. Some other special usage (such as cooling tower, water features) to be monitored by the end user by their own (private) water meters. Such private water meters are termed as flow meter which measures the water usage and the usage can be recorded on regular basis to understand the pattern of use.

The Water Supply (Network) Department of the Public Utilities Board is the regulating body for operating and maintaining the water meters and for installation and dismantling of the water meter for any type of buildings. Any other water meter (flowmeter) installed other than PUB (to monitor the water usage for specific facility such as cooling tower) shall be installed, maintained and monitored by the building owner itself.

For any PUB meter installation, the size of the meter shall be based on the usage of water by the building premises. Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall assist the building / unit owners or tenants in fixing their PUB meter installation process.

PUB water meter

Generally, the PUB water meter installation process is as per the following steps

Step 1: Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd’s Licensed Plumber shall draw the piping drawings inside the unit and shall apply with PUB about the new installation of the water meter
Step 2: Once PUB approved the submission, Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd shall star the piing works inside the building / unit.
Step 3: Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd’s Licensed Plumber shall submit the Certificate of Satisfactory Completion to PUB
Step 4: PUB shall install the water meter in the client premises

Documents required for this whole process are as follows

  • Piping drawing of the building / unit including the sanitary features (Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd’s Licensed Plumber shall draw this drawing)
  • SP account number of the unit / building (Unit / building owner shall create an SP account with PUB and share the document with Waves Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd)
  • Storage of rain water (called as Rain Water Harvesting system)
  • Building / unit owner details (not the tenant)
  • Unit / building owner name
  • Unit / building name
  • Unit / building address
  • Unit / building owner’s contact number
  • Unit / building owner’s email id
  • No-objection letter from the owner of the building / unit and if the unit is under an MCST then a no-objection letter from the MCST also required

The following areas are recommended by PUB for private water meter / flowmeter installation

Sector Private meters to be installed to monitor amount ofwater used at each of the following water usage areas
Industries Processes
Cooling tower
Cooking area or kitchen
Hotels Guestroom
Cooling tower
Food and beverage outlet
Production kitchen
Cold water inlet to hot water supply or boiler
Swimming pool
Tertiary institution, prison, ormilitary or defence installation Cooling tower
Toilets for each block
Washing area
Swimming pool
Hospitals Cooling tower
Toilets, wards and operating theatres for each block
Cold water inlet to hot water supply or boiler
Workers' Dormitories Toilets for each block
Cooking area
Washing area
Construction Sites and Concrete Batching Plants Construction activity
Recharge well
Concrete production
Vehicle washing area
Sports and RecreationalFacilities and Tourist Attractions Cooling tower
Exhibit or enclosure
Washing area
Food and beverage outlet
Swimming pool
Office or retail building, orany other building notmentioned above Cooling tower

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